Benelux Export Strategy Team helps you enter the Benelux market!

Entering and conquering new markets can be difficult. But we’re here to help! Here, you will also find some of the most common questions and problems that confront businesses looking to enter the Benelux market. Of course, we can only give a few pointers here. The best way to deal with them depends on your specific situation, so feel free to ask!

Benelux Export Strategy Team has extensive experience with both B2B and B2C projects. We work in a diversity of fields, such as


Construction supplies, infrastructure & railways

Transportation & logistics



IT services

Our consultancy services include

  • Lead creation
  • Search for suitable distribution channels in any of the three Benelux markets, for both B2B and B2C products
  • Market and feasibility studies, including advice on how to analyse data in order to turn it into crucial information that drives sales
  • Improving your export strategy plan for the Benelux as an entrance towards the European market
  • Organizing trade missions
  • Setting up promotion activities
  • Identification and selection of suppliers
  • Identification of potential projects for the procurement of goods or services by utilities (such as railroads) and other public authorities, and the assessment prior to the publication of tender specifications

The most frequent traps, and how to avoid them

  • Do not take for granted that the Benelux is one single big market! 
    • The three countries have their own way of doing business
    • They all have their own language, and some even have three! 
  • Study your competitors activities in the Benelux before launching your own export strategy
    • The distribution channels might differ from the ones you know in your own area
    • An approach that works in one country does not necessarily lead to success in another
  • Research the role that importers, distributors or commercial agents have to play. What are the rights and obligations, margins, custom laws and such, and how do direct sales to (industrial) clients work?
  • Have you investigated the logistics needed for your product?
  • Are you participating in a trade fair? Build up an agenda in advance! Do you know who you have to get in contact with?