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Natascha van Bijsterveld is the driving force behind Benelux Export Strategy Team. She has more than 25 years of widespread experience in B2C product sectors for the general public, both via mass market and professional channels. She has an equally extensive experience in B2B for private companies and public authorities. Natascha has been involved in the successful completion of a large number of business projects. Case studies include supplies for industry, construction & railways, transport & logistics, fashion, and agro-food. In doing so, she has built up a large number of valuable contacts across the Benelux that will be helpful in gaining access to these markets, as well as exploring new sectors. She is an expert in the methodology of market research and analysis, allowing for an effective and accelerated orientation. On top of that, she can visit companies and trade fairs on your behalf – a definite plus if you don’t speak the local language!

Natascha’s knowledge of the Benelux environment comes from her background and training (including a postgraduate degree in International Trade at Solvay), as well as her interest in gaining in-depth knowledge of the sectors covered. She masters all of the languages spoken in the Benelux, needed to facilitate direct contact with the main sectoral agents. Last but not least, her vast network, built up and maintained with care and attention, helps to open many doors.

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